The customer’s story

Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren develops their mobile business with Sweet Mobile.

Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren experienced that their previous system did not support their mobile business and decided to implement Sweet CRM. Today, with Sweet Mobile – they can quickly access information everywhere and easily identify new business opportunities to increase sales.

Customer: Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren
Solutions: Sweet Portal & Sweet Mobile

Mockfjärds is a family company from Mockfjärd. Mockfjärd situated in the heart of Dalarna – is a place where building as a craft has been traditionally a part of society for centuries. Mockfjärd’s products are developed and designed to fit Nordic houses and meet tough climate and environmental requirements.

The challenge

Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren offers quality windows, doors and installation services to homes and condominiums. The company prioritizes service, responsibility and security, which obviously puts high demands on internal communication. Unfortunately, we have not always had the optimal technology support, says Tommy Larsson, CEO of Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren. 

After using Sweet web for many years, called internally Insight, Mockfjärds felt that their support system did not fully satisfy the growing need of their mobile business process, which was used by their sales agents and installers. 

The solution

The solution was Sweet Mobile, internally called Outsight, an iPhone native app that allows agents and installers to access functions and information in Insight through a mobile interface. Sellers can access their leads, customers, documents and tasks directly on their mobile when they are in the field selling. Assemblers can likewise access information about their installation, work orders, documents and customer service issues. An assembler has a tip function to be able to tip sellers about new leads in the neighborhoods they are working in, for example a neighbor who also wants new windows, in this way also assembler creates new business opportunities and increase sales.

In short

  • Mockfjärd’s previous system did not fully support their mobile business process.
  • The solution: implementation of Sweet Mobile to access functions and information from the EPR system through a mobile interface.
  • Easier access on the field for the agents and installers.
  • Tip function leads to new business opportunities and increased sales.

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