Customer’s story

Mockfjärds Entreprenad easily communicates with their customers by using Sweet Portal.

 It was very time-consuming for the company to inform the customers about changes and installation every day. In order to improve the customer service and minimize the handling process time – Mockfjärds has chosen Sweet as their customer portal

Customer: Mockfjärds Entrepenad
Solution: Sweet Portal

Mockfjärds is a family company from Mockfjärd. Mockfjärd situated in the heart of Dalarna – is a place where building as a craft has been traditionally a part of society for centuries. Mockfjärd’s products are developed and designed to fit Nordic houses and meet tough climate and environmental requirements.

The challenge

Mockfjärds Entreprenad has the same mission as Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren – to handle the process of replacing windows from start to finish – but for large housing projects. They have to access the residents’ apartment at the right time with the right material.

The company used to communicate with their customers with information sheets left in their mailboxes – this system of work was both time consuming and created a lot of confusion among the apartment owners. Any changes in the plan, required sending updated information. Mockfjärds, therefore, looked for a simpler and more modern way of keeping in touch with their customers – Sweet Portal became this solution

The solution

Since Mockfjärds Entreprenad previously implemented Sweet Web as a CRM system (read the case here), they decided to use Sweet Portal as a customer portal, where each customer could access important information when it suits them. By using the link sent by SMS the customers have access to announcements and changes which are published for them in the external portal.


The Portal can be accessed through mobile, tablet or computer. Now, the installers at Mockfjärd have a complete tool to communicate with all the customers and make sure that important information is accessible. This is a large step in Mockfjärd’s vision to create a better customer experience.

In short

  • The old way of communication with customers was ineffective and time-consuming.
  • Mockfjärds needed a modern solution, easier to use.
  • Sweet Portal was implemented as a customer portal which gives access to both Mockfärd’s employees and customers.
  • The result: important information is now easily accessible for the customers which bring the customer service to a higher level. 

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