Ahlsell increases their sales efficiency by implementing Sweet Portal

Ahlsell, the leading wholesaler of installation products within B2B in the Nordics needed a better support for the sales persons to be able to increase the sales efficiency in the company – they wanted their salesforce to spend more time with the customers and less time at the office. By implementing Sweet Portal and Sweet Performance, Ahlsell now has a smart and mobile solution which has been received positively among Ahlsell’s 3600 sales persons.

Customer: Ahlsell
Solutions : CRM & Performance

Ahlsell is the leading Nordic distributor of installation products and tools which supplies addressing installers, contractors, facility managers, industry, energy companies and the public sector.



Ahlsell’s former CRM-system was slow and difficult to use, therefore, it was not being used effectively. The company had been looking for a better system for several years to be able to increase sales efficiency within the company. They wished for a mobile solution that would help them increase their sales efficiency and performance. They chose Sweet Systems and the Sweet Portal solution, which is called “A-sales” internally .

” Sweet Systems had several big reference customers, for example SEB and Volvo and they clearly proved a will to develop their system according to our requirements. Since they work with developing CRM-systems we have been able to get professional coaching and support throughout the entire time”
Marcus Doverhjelm

Affärssupportchef , Ahlsell


To be able to develop a customized solution for Ahlsell, a reference group was formed containing 20 employees from various parts of the organization. This group participated in workshops and demos during the entire project. They tested and gave their opinions about the functions in Sweet Portal. The new solution focused on:

  • Optimizing performance
  • Mobility
  • Ease of use and overviewing relevant information
  • Updating the user interface, making it simpler and more user-friendly 

Sweet Performance was implemented in Ahlsell’s solution to improve an overview of sales activities, planning and following up on the sales goals. Agathe Børhaug is the Regional Manager at Ahlsell in Norway and one of the participants belonging the reference group.

” I think it’s great that we, the people who are going to work in the new solution, have been given the opportunity to be a part of the project to give our feedback along the way. With the new solution from Sweet Systems it is easier to share information about our clients in a coordinated and professional way. I have worked with several CRM-systems before and A-sales has an entirely different level”

– Agathe Børhaug

Regionchef, Ahlsell Norge


The process of developing the new solution started in March 2017 and was fully implemented in September the same year. 2 500 of Ahlsell’s salespersons are using the new system and the solution is already highly appreciated by the users.

” The goal with the new solution was to increase the sales time and to give our sales persons a support in customer meetings. Our requirements in the new solution was performance, mobility and modernity and we have succeeded on all these parts. The speed of the new solution from Sweet Systems is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread was invented”.
Marcus Doverhjelm

Affärssupportchef, Ahlsell



  • Ahlsell’s previous CRM-system was not used effectively and was considered to be slow and difficult use.
  • Sweet Portal and Sweet Performance were implemented to increase the effectiveness of the sales representatives. The mobile Sweet solution has a high performance and is customized to meet Ahlsell’s requirements.
  • 2 500/3 600 of Ahlsell’s salespersons are using the new CRM-system. The solution is highly appreciated among the users.
  • The cooperation between Sweet and Ahsell continues and the goal is to improve other parts of the business.  

Next step

The new CRM-system is a part of an ongoing project which will make Ahlsell’s work easier. The first step was focusing on improving the work of the sales department and Ahsell’s management team. The second step is to develop the solution further and apply it in other departments within sales and marketing. The KPI function in Sweet Performance will be expanded, the telemarketing system will be integrated and Sweet Automation for marketing will be furtherimplemented  .

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