Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


At the end of the year, there are certainly many of us who wants to look back and reflect on how it went. Reflection is key for making the new year even better than the last one, so let’s think about: what happened last year? What can we be proud of? What are our achievements of the past year? Together with customers, partners and colleagues, we can summarize this year as “superbra”. There are always challenges along the way but overall 2019 was a very good year!

Looking back, we can see major improvements in our products. We try to make more and more to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our solutions. Sweet Finance has been launched – lead times and the efficiency of the customer processes within banking, finance and insurance improved significantly. We have also launched a new solution for field service in Sweet Portal. Finally, the combination of our two products – Sweet Automation and Sweet Forms turned out to be very successful. This combination helps to automate and digitize the customers’ business which truly brings your company to the next level. After Christmas, we will return with some thoughts for 2020.

This year’s Christmas gift

Just like last year we will donate money to charity. This year we have chosen Greenpeace who uses peaceful, creative, confrontation to reveal global enviromental problems and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future.