The planning of the sales conference is now at full speed. This year Sweet will be the proud main sponsor and will, as well, hand out this year’s price. We have met Henrik-Larsson Broman at ProSales who tells us more about what will happen during this special day.


Why is ProSales organizing the Sales Conference every year?

 Our working environment is changing very fast and as a manager, you must occasionally get away from your organization to get inspiration and broaden your knowledge. The Sales Conference aims to give leaders in B2B companies new insights into trends, research and best practices. We also try to help them to develop their businesses and to get a dose of new energy. Besides, it is a great opportunity to acquire new acquaintances and learn from all our talented partners who are there.

What will happen this year during the conference? Who are the speakers and which topics will be discussed this year?

We have a fantastic program with many outstanding keynote speakers who will talk about everything from trends, leadership, new technology and modern sales to marketing. Our biggest star is American Jenny Dearborn – one of the world’s most powerful women in Tech as well as Australian professor Jamie Anderson. Among others we will have knowledgeable and interesting speakers, such as artist Petter, digital expert Jackie Kothbauer and Susanna Rönnqvist-Ahmadi.

Otherwise, a lot of exciting activities will happen during the day and everything. Two well-known people: comedian Mikael Tornving and Sofia Lilja from Idol will be the moderators during this special day. The evening’s highlight is the Sales Award Gala – a fantastic evening where we pay tribute to many successful companies and individuals and have fun together.

Read more about the program here.

Which companies are nominated in this year?

There is a total of 117 nominations that are divided into four different price categories. We do not publish the nominated companies until we have three finalists in each price category.

What do you expect from this year’s Sales Conference?

I expect a lot of energy, networking, laughter and many new insights. It will be a day and evening to remember for a long time.

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