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Today, the Sweet platform is used by organizations worldwide – in industries ranging from finance and insurance to roofing. The flexible platform is the key to why Sweet can be used by virtually any company.  Take a look at our customer stories and how Sweet is used by them.

A complete mobile business platform

Sweet Systems develop, connect and combine solutions for mobile Case tracking, CRM and Dynamic Forms with custom developed modules for your unique business need.

Every Sweet solution is customized with a combination of parts to create a system designed for your processes.

All Sweet functions

Do you want to learn how to automate your Product Life Cycle?

In this guide,  we give you some practical insights on how IoT and digitized business processes become integral components to your product life cycle.

Makes your current system mobile

Sweet can be integrated with any kind of data source or program. Instead of replacing your current systems, Sweet complements them and becomes the unifying platform to make your business processes mobile.  

We deliver situation specific data to different web portals – accessed either by your customers or internal users. 

Need new functions in your business process? – add our modules

Case managment

Have full controll over all tickets and cases that arrives. With a stuctured case process you can give your customers great service – from any device.

Have your customers, leads and business projects organized. Combine it with sales pipeline tracking and task management to cover all angles. 

Dynamic Forms

To create and easily publish smarter forms can change an expensive paper demanding process to a digital step-by-step workflow – ready for any situation. Just set up the form you need and start collecting the data with any device.

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